Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend fun. Random photos.

Little door for little people.

how adorable is this ring!

Good times singing karaoke with Michelle, Sully, Klep, Sai & Rafael. Of all nights, I left my camera at home thinking that it was going to be a lowkey night. Karaoke should NOT be done without video recording! I lost my voice a little the next morning after all that singing.

Michael Jackson mode.

Tired, hot & sweaty after 2 hours karaoke...we went in.

My Saturday was originally supposed to consist of takeout & the NBA playoffs. After the Heat vs Celtics game I was literally dragged out of bed for another night with the girls. We ended up at our usual bar & had a few drinks..of course I babysat my drinks & sipped my patron shots.

don't ask lol

Photo session..we got a little picture happy.

laugh til we cry.
After Sully finally got her puzzle piece!

It's usually impossible to get me to go out on Friday AND Saturday but I'm so glad I did. Great times, Great weekend.

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