Friday, April 16, 2010

Random insomnia 4am rants.
These are based on recent convos that have taken place within the past couple days..

-I've never been one to follow the "in crowd" fact, I prefer to steer clear from it. Staying low key & playing the back courts has always been my thing. It doesn't mean that I don't party or go out, I do show face here & there..I just don't feel the need to always be on "the scene." I'm not degrading those that are, it's just never been for me & never will be. I'd much rather prefer to go sightseeing, museums, movies, anything involving food or just doing anything that will make me laugh. To each his own..

-Why does it seem almost impossible to be good friends with someone from the opposite sex without them wanting more? Whether it's emotionally or physically, it seems platonic relationships are nearly extinct these days. I mean, obviously it's possible but even when it is strictly platonic, it never is perceived that way from the onlookers..This is something that SERIOUSLY irks me.

-I wish women would understand that it is possible to be content with having NO man in their life. This isn't coming from any form of cynicism, just observations. No one wants to be alone but if you surround yourself by positive friends, you WILL NOT BE ALONE. Nothing is wrong with celibacy & take time out and focus on bettering yourself, accomplish the things you've always dreamed of, stop relying on a "man" for happiness. I've been hearing so many people vent recently about their relationships, stop staying in a relationship just because you think you won't find anyone else. We've all been there, I've done the same thing in the past..but when you let go & concentrate on things that make YOU happy, you'll feel 100x better. Break-ups completely suck & we're always "on to the next" or looking for that rebound. Just because you can have a man, doesn't mean that you should settle. I LOVE love & I'm FARRRR from a relationship expert but it's just frustrating to hear women always feeling like they NEED men in order to feel satisfied with life. No man worth being in a relationship with is going to want a woman that let every dude that came along sample her goods just because she was "single". And when a good man comes all means lock that down! lol but my point is..I'm not saying don't date, be selective who you open your legs too & just stop looking so hard out of fear of loneliness. We all have our moments but it is possible to live a lovely life being completely single.

It is now 4:20am I must have seen this Kid Cudi & Snoop video 3x in the past hour & Rihanna's Rude Boy video just came on AMTV (my late night guilty pleasure show) I can't ever seem to get tired of this song! Doesn't matter what I'm doing, I HAVE to stop to sing & dance. All hail red lipstick & pum pum shorts! lol Hopefully my random ramblings make sense & I can finally fall asleep! (which I doubt is going to happen)

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