Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Michelle and I ended up doing ALL of our Christmas shopping...of course we ended up getting some goodies for ourselves. We shouldn't be allowed in vintage stores, we really can't control our spending. We each treated ourselves to Chanel purses and cute earrings...we kept repeating "we deserve this" lol Jewelry & Chanel for Xmas?! The best gift I've ever bought myself!

Cute leaf earrings for myself

Michelle got these gold & black & gold stars

I was eyeing this bracelet since September
I finally decided to purchase it!

I sold my soul to the devil and got this Chanel messenger purse.

I fell in love with the tassel

Chanel heaven!

Michelle's purse

our pretty manicures. Michelle got purple & I got pink.
Last stop..Fridays for some apps & a pink punk cotton candy cosmo


  1. those purses are really cute, just wondering if you remember the vintage store you got them in =)

  2. Hello ;) yes, There is a vintage store on Austin Street in Queens..I'm not sure of the exact name but it's across the street from 5 Burros. Hope that helps.

  3. thanks! i actually live really close to the area. =)